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Reiki Practitioner Levels I & II
Course Outline

  • History of Reiki and how Reiki works.

  • Healing with Holy Fire® "Ocean of Holy Love Experience", this clears your energy field and facilitates healing for a wide range of conditions or issues in you.

  • Empowerment of Holy Fire® "Holy Love I Experience", this installs Divine Love deeply into your soul consciousness.

  • You will be given three Reiki-level-II healing symbols.

  • Holy Fire® Placement (attunement) of all three Reiki-level-II healing symbols.

  • Learn how and when to use Reiki-level-II healing symbols.

  • Learn the three pillars of Reiki.

  • How to prepare and conduct a healing session for others.

  • Learn Reiki hand placement for treatment.

  • How to give Reiki for specific health conditions.

  • How to do a complete Reiki self-healing treatment.

  • Usui Reiki techniques for scanning problem areas, cleanse energy field, how and where to treat.

  • Learn the intuitive method of scanning problem areas and how to treat.

  • How to send distance healing for anyone or world situations.

  • How to create protection for your energy field and dispel negative energies.

  • How to use Reiki for animals, plants, food, crystals.

  • Use Reiki for space clearing and protection.

  • Use Reiki to heal addictions, weight problems or any unwanted habits and energize new, healthy intentions.

  • Hands-on practice.

  • How to build a Reiki business.

  • Ethics of healing.

  • How to establish appropriate professional boundaries with clients.

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