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Energy Healing


Reiki is a Japanese word which means "spiritually guided universal life force energy". It's a gentle yet super powerful healing modality which conducts high frequency cosmic healing energy from the spiritual planes. This high frequency energy is then channeled into the patient to heal the physical, emotional, mental, and soul levels of one's being. 


Reiki is an energy healing system which was established in the early 1920's in Japan and was a popular alternative healing method among the Japanese at the time. This mystical healing energy originally came into existence via spiritual transmission to a Buddhist monk, Dr. Mikao Usui while undertaking his quest for spiritual enlightenment on the sacred Mt. Kurama Yama. Shortly before the breakout of World War II, Reiki left Japan and was brought to the West where Reiki's western roots was first planted in Hawaii. Since then Reiki had traveled throughout America and the world, spread from continent to continent, has healed and saved countless lives. Reiki is probably the most recognizable and widely practiced energy healing modality in the world today and has been used for all health conditions in private settings as well as conventional medical establishments including hospitals, nursing homes, and hospice care. 

What Reiki can help

  • Challenging, unmitigated health issues

  • Pain relief

  • Chronic or acute stress

  • Recharge energy, boost immune system

  • Fertility support

  • Pre, post natal support

  • Emotional and trauma release, PTSD

  • Clear blocked energies

  • Clear chakras 1 – 15 and above

  • Dysfunctional behavior

  • Fear, phobias, paranoia

  • Feeling stuck, can't move forward in life

  • Social anxiety, maladjustment

  • Energetic hypersensitivity

  • Boundaries problem

  • Psychic attacks

  • Vulnerability, need protection

  • Powerful opener of heart center

  • Develop compassion, sensitivity, empathy

  • Expand intuitive capability

  • Accelerate spiritual growth

  • Major life transition or crisis

  • Animal healing physical and emotional

  • Beneficial for children and adults all ages

How does Reiki work

  • Reiki is administered with the patient lying comfortably on a table and the therapist gently places one's hands on the areas of the body where intended for Reiki energy to transmit. 


  • This is a comfortable and deeply relaxing process. The patient is not required to do anything more than being open to receive the energy and to be healed. 


  • Once Reiki energy enters the patient's energy field, healing starts to take place at the physical, emotional, mental, and/or soul level where imbalances or afflictions reside. 


  • This simple yet profoundly powerful modality heals and catalyzes transformations deeply to the root of problems.


  • Reiki is a safe, gentle, and effective energy healing modality which works well for people of all ages, children, animals, personal or world situations.


  • Reiki can be administered in person or over a distance. Reiki transcends space and time and is able to reach anyone, anywhere in the world for healing. Distance healing is as effective as in person.

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