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Diabetes mellitus (type 2) is a growing disease of epidemic portion in the United States and throughout the world. According to the statistics released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for the United States population in year 2021, 29.7 million Americans were diagnosed with diabetes and 97.6 million people were diagnosed as prediabetic, which if not treated often leads to full-blown diabetes within five years. This widespread problem imposes a huge burden on the health care system and progressively erodes the productivity and quality of life for the diabetic population. 

The continuing decline in health among diabetics has shown that relying on medications alone, even with strict dietary control, is not sufficient. However on the optimistic end of the spectrum, clinical results have proven that diabetes can be controlled and the quality of life and health can be improved for diabetics with the integration of acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine. 

Common symptoms of diabetes

  • Extreme fluctuations of blood sugar

  • Excessive thirst, dry mouth

  • Insatiable hunger and eating

  • Excessive urination especially at night

  • Extreme fatigue 

  • Bodily pain, muscle weakness

  • Sleep disorders

  • Poor blood and energy circulation

  • Gangrene in advanced stage

  • Slow healing of wounds

  • Sluggish metabolism 

  • Weight gain or loss

  • Neuropathy, edema in legs and feet

  • Poor vision and mental functioning

  • Mood imbalance, anxiety, depression

  • Muscle atrophy in advanced stage

  • kidney failure in advanced stage

  • Stroke in advanced stage

Natural Herbs
Herbal Medicine

Diabetes diagnosis according to Chinese medicine

According to Chinese medicine principles the underlying cause of diabetes is organ deficiency, specifically relating to the lungs, spleen, stomach, and kidneys. Poor diet, sedentary lifestyle, and long-term chronic stress play a huge role in the development of diabetes as they contribute to the decline of the organs. As diabetes progresses the functions of the related organs become more deficient and degenerative with time thus unable to metabolize and control blood sugar, regardless that a person is on medications. 


In order to address diabetes, the health and vitality of lungs, spleen, stomach, and kidneys must be supported - diabetic medications are not doing this and thus leaving the root causes untreated. This is the reason why long-time diabetic patients are not able to control their sugar, even with multiple medications and increased dosages, the sugar continues to spike due to their weakened organs rejecting the medications. Not until they get on a regimen with acupuncture and Chinese herbal therapy that the vitality of the affected organs begin to revive and the body is able to accept medications again. As a result, the sugar is brought under control.

Benefits of Chinese medicine treatment for diabetes

Chinese medicine has been proven highly effective in the treatment for diabetes. When patients stay with our treatment protocol faithfully and care is given to the diet and exercise, they're able to reap the following benefits for their health.

  • Lower and stabilize sugar

  • Subdue cravings for sweets and junk food

  • Possibility of reducing the dosage of diabetic medications

  • Possibility of getting off some diabetic medications for those in the early stage

  • Feel greater energy, vitality, and a better quality life

  • Sleep better, function better, think better, feel better

  • Improved metabolic, digestive, and immune functions

  • Reduce edema in lower legs

  • Greatly improve blood circulation especially in the lower limbs

  • Improve the body's ability to heal wounds

  • Prevent the disease from progressing to gangrene, amputation, stroke, heart complications, blindness, kidney failure

  • And much more . . . 

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