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" April is amazing! Having experienced acupuncture before, I knew that it could help with overall health issues. After a year of one major illness after another, I knew that I was suffering from adrenal fatigue. My system was stressed to the point I could barely make it through the day. Only six weeks of treatment and an amazing nourishing herb later, I am now living in Tempe AZ, attending Southwest Institute of Healing Arts and learning about Holistic Nutrition and Herbs. It was my goal, but I did not have the motivation or stamina to accomplish all that needed to be done to make it happen before my 6 weeks of acupuncture. April's caring and loving treatment along with her supportive attitude has played an important part on my path towards healing... my gratitude towards April cannot be expressed in words. Thank you. " M. B. - Tempe, Arizona

" April has treated me for many years for many different health problems including allergies and knee problems. These problems were resolved quickly and easily and have become less as the years go by. I've had asthma for the last 61 years, and now it's totally GONE! I would advise anyone to see April for any kind of health problem. "  S. C. H. - Houston, Texas

" April has truly been a blessing for me. I have been dealing hip/joint pain along with some other health issues for past couple of years. After only two treatments so far I have begun to experience a turnaround in my body that I haven't felt in years. I truly want to Thank you Ms. April. You're the Best!!! "  L. F. S. - Houston, Texas

" Like all women, it came a day that I started with the pre-menopause problems, which came about five years ago; I knew something was wrong because I had heavy bleeding when I had my period. Through a friend I learned about Ms. April Bui. Then when my menstruation began to miss I started having those horrible hot flashes that were embarrassing because often I was in front of a client and suddenly my face got red and sweaty. At night I did not sleep almost for a week I thought it was the end of my life; so I went again with Ms. April who treated me for those hot flashes and insomnia. Since the first treatment was as a miracle, those horrible hot flashes had decreased from 20 per day to just 4 per day. If for some reason I have stopped treatment for a month, hot flashes and insomnia came back again. Living a normal life with menopause is no problem for me thanks to acupuncture and herbal remedies that Ms. April prescribed me. I am a very happy and normal woman!! Thank you Ms. April! "   R. A. V. - Houston, Texas

" My friend recommended to see April for my gastritis, acid reflux, and carpal tunnel syndrome. I was skeptical at first, but I figured I have nothing to lose since Western Medicine didn’t offer a cure but only a brief suppression of my symptoms. To my surprise, Traditional Chinese Medicine ( TCM) not only addressed the root cause of my diseases , but as a pleasant side effect I experienced an overall well being in my entire body. I noticed an improvement emotionally and spiritually. I am not anxious anymore, I have a positive outlook on life, and my sleep has improved drastically. Acupuncture and Chinese herbs also cured my seasonal allergies and frequent upper respiratory issues which I suffered from for the last 20 years. I don’t use over the counter or prescribed medications since I started using the herbs, and I plan on keeping it that way. April and her masterful use of TCM restored my body back to its natural balance. I now trust my body’s own ability to use it’s innate intelligence to continue to heal itself. I highly recommend April to anyone. She is very honest, straight forward, and dedicated. She is not only a talented healer but a Conscientious and Compassionate human being. Thank You April. "   J. V. - Houston, Texas

" April is a compassionate and inspiring health care practitioner. Her treatments and guidance had alleviated chronic headaches and pain that I had been experiencing for over 20 years. April has been a true blessing in my life. I am truly grateful for her care, friendship and the renewed quality of life provided by her treatments over the past two years. I would strongly recommend visiting April if you have been unable to find a solution to your health issues. " S. B. - Houston, Texas

" A couple of years ago I was on the edge of a serious internal condition. April brought me back to health! I know it was April's treatment that did the trick and I'm still going great. Again, a couple of years later, after 3 months of regular doctors visits, stretching and muscle relaxers for what turned out to be a pinched nerve, one visit with April and I was 90% better. Three visits later, problem gone. Thanks April for everything. You are a gifted healer. "   E. T. - Houston, Texas

" Growing up I had an interest in acupuncture and felt that I would receive great benefits from it along with Western Medicine. However, growing up in my part of Houston, I was not familiar with anyone that had had any experience with acupuncture so therefore I never pursued finding someone in that field. As luck would have it in 2009 I took a neighbor for her appointment with April and myself also started to receive treatment from April, my quality of life has since greatly improved. I first started seeing April for help with hot flashes, which at that point I was at the end of my rope. I did not want to take any of the traditional Western medicine and just thought I would have to adjust with the discomfort that comes along with menopause. But what I was experiencing was not just normal discomforts. I experienced anxiety, loss of sleep, night sweats and sweating during the day that would soak thru my tops while at work, which was really embarrassing and disruptive. I began with a treatment plan of a weekly visit and drinking a tea designed especially for my symptoms. After awhile I was able to go less frequently and then just for maintenance. I still go for a maintenance treatment every couple of months. Over the years I have also seen April for various other issues, Migraines, neck and shoulder pain, sinus, acid reflux along with some counseling. I don't know how I would have managed without the Universe putting April in my path. April always makes me feel comfortable with any issues I bring to her and is always willing to assist in any way she can. Several of my family members have also received treatment with great results from April. April has truly been a godsend. "  J. G. - Houston, Texas

" I went to April's clinic after being told that my medical condition due to diabetes would not improve even with suggested surgery, and there was no guarantee. I had no experience with acupuncture but after meeting April with whom I've been under care, I felt confident in her and her abilities. After following her instructions and taking the treatments my condition improved dramatically. I value the care and concern from April and her staff and highly recommend April's acupuncture clinic to anyone who needs an alternative approach to their medical issues. "  R. T. - Houston, Texas

" I first began seeing April in Dec of 2011. I had become allergic to my prescription for high blood pressure. She began treating me for high blood pressure and hypothyroidism and I have been off prescription medicine ever since, with an average bp of 124/74. My husband injured his foot and it had been bothering him for months. I suggested that he visit April, and her treatment caused his injury to completely heal. I have been seeing April for almost 5 years, and she has adjusted my treatments based on the needs of the day. I have seen her for illness- at one point I had an ear infection for nearly 3 weeks, and as soon as I came in to see April it began clearing up- immediately I could feel the fluid in my ear loosening. (I only regret I waited 3 weeks!) I had fallen while running and injured my hand and when April added a needle to treat that, the injury completely cleared up. Recently we have added the stress of moving out-of-state to our lives and I was having trouble sleeping. After April treated me for stress I have been able to relax and get the sleep I need. April is a true healer. I would recommend her treatments to anyone for any ailment. My life is better for having met her. "  A. W. L. - Estes Park, Colorado

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