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Reiki Distance Healing

There are times when a person cannot receive healing in-person because of distance, a lack of Reiki practitioners in the local area, or physical/mental limitations due to health conditions. We can help.


Reiki healing can be sent to anyone, anywhere in the world as Reiki transcends space and time. Distance healing is suitable for everyone in any conditions including children, animals, personal or world situations. Reiki works for physical emotional or mental health, trauma past or present, family dynamics, relationship issues, financial blocks, major life transitions or crises, end of life stage, and much more.


Reiki is a safe, gentle, and highly effective healing method. Healing over a distance is as effective as in-person. This is the beauty and power of Reiki. Learn more about Reiki

How Reiki distance healing works:

  • We do all the work on our end. The client does not have to do anything, just go about your daily activities as normal.

  • Every day we send Reiki energy to the client. Reiki reaches the client's energy field within seconds and will activate healing within the client.

  • Distance healing must be done every day, minimum 7 days required.

  • We will need the client's name, location, and the issue(s) needed healing.

  • The duration of healing varies depending on the issue(s). This and any other details about what you can expect with distance healing will be discussed in the initial consultation.

  • When the period of healing ends, we will contact the client for an update.

Receiving Divine Source of Healing - hands cupped and facing up towards white light and bl

To begin Reiki distance healing, please contact us for an initial consultation

To request distance healing for yourself or on behalf of someone else, an initial consultation is required. Click on the button below to request your appointment. Consultation is offered at no charge.

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