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Pregnancy Support

For thousands of years in the East, acupuncture and Chinese medicine have supported women well through all phases of life creation - from conception through gestation, to delivery and postpartum recovery. This gentle yet powerful medicine can help you carry your pregnancy strongly and comfortably throughout your term, support your energy and vitality which is needed now as well as during delivery, alleviate many of the common pregnancy and postpartum symptoms, and  support your emotional, mental, and spiritual balance before and after birth.

Image by Juan Manuel Sanchez

How Chinese medicine can help during and after pregnancy

  • Regulate circulation and balance your entire energy system.

  • Ground your energy and buffer over-reactions to stressors.

  • Strengthen your immune system to fight and resist diseases.

  • Enhance the production and nutritional quality of mother's milk.

  • Reduce the risk of gestational diabetes and preeclampsia.

  • Reduce abnormal cravings and control morning sickness.

  • Balance your mood, dispel depression, and elevate your spirit.

  • Strengthen your energy and overall vitality.

  • Support mental functions and well-being.

  • Improve sleep, energy, digestion, elimination, and all metabolic activities.

  • Regulate fluid metabolism, especially beneficial for pregnancy edema.

  • You will suffer much less from postpartum imbalances.

  • Enrich nutrients for yourself as well as your baby.

  • Will have a calming effect on your baby during and after pregnancy. Our clinical experience shows time and again that babies who underwent acupuncture with their mothers during pregnancy are exceptionally calm and much less fussy after delivery.

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